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to excellence and redefining quality"

“Benefit immediately from my unique blend of experience, knowledge and style of delivering IT projects”

" We were deploying a high-profile project, which was the first of its kind in the UK; the benefits included multi million pound savings that kept board level interest throughout the project. It was expected to be a tough project to ensure everything worked correctly and needed precision testing and timing for the project to succeed without disruption to the business.

Unfortunately our supplier was struggling to provide somebody of the calibre needed to ensure the work was delivered successfully. The customer-supplier relationship became fairly fraught and very quickly the trust between those working within both project teams had gone, we desperately needed somebody with a special blend of skills to get the project back on track, as well as the ability to bring both sides together working as one to a common goal.

Barry made an immediate impression with his genuine and honest approach. The project was brought quickly under control with sound project management

He quickly focused on improving the previous shortcomings, introducing a number of appropriate measures to monitor, control and track our progress. He very quickly broke the barriers between the project teams that led to an open and honest relationship, thus continuing to move the project forward through extremely challenging circumstances.

Barry also managed to keep a sense of humour and view events from a lighter angle that helped keep us going during those tough times."

Carol Prigmore
Project Manager

I am in the fortunate position of being able to draw on the experience and knowledge spanning over thirty years and four successful careers.

These careers have been varied starting with eleven years in the Royal Navy, followed by retail management, then as an IT technical consultant and finally as a project manager.

All of these careers involved delivering in highly pressurised environments with a need to communicate effectively at every level if I was to make any meaningful progress, learn my trade and carve out a successful career.

I consider myself extremely lucky because I get a real genuine buzz, a real sense of achievement and satisfaction, from helping other like-minded people to improve both their own skills and the company or organisation they represent.

If somebody is prepared to make an effort to improve either themselves or their organisation then I am more than happy to put in whatever takes to get the desired result.

For me there is something very special in working closely with individuals, helping to develop his or her skill set, seeing their confidence and performance improve and being able to make a significant contribution to the progress of their career and successful delivery of their project.

Whether deliberately or inadvertently I have found myself helping individuals playing a key pivotal role in a project must surely provide a great benefit to the overall result.

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In my earlier days I can recall a number of occasions when I felt exposed and vulnerable on projects.

I would have welcomed some support, advise, guidance and mentoring or coaching. For whatever reason this was not forthcoming and I was left to inflate my own lifejacket and learn very quickly to swim against the tide – the familiar sink or swim scenario.

Whilst in small doses it builds a bit of character and steely resolve it can also be counter-productive on a more long-term basis. Whilst PMs need to be able to fight their corner there is nothing wrong with being given a helping hand either.

I've never had a problem sharing my knowledge and experience. Truth be known I get just as big a buzz from seeing somebody else succeed, taking pleasure in the knowledge that I have contributed to their success, as I do being successful myself.

With my own varied careers I've been very fortunate to have worked alongside some great people. I've made the most of some wonderful opportunities and taken onboard an incredible amount of knowledge.

In recognition of this mixture of good fortune and ability to make the most of these opportunities I am now focusing on passing this knowledge on and putting something back into the workplace - hopefully with interest.

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At 18:15, on the evening of Tuesday 25 May 1982, I cheated death - literally by a matter of seconds thanks to the action and quick thinking of a colleague and shipmate.

At the time I was serving aboard HMS Coventry, a Type 42 class destroyer, in the Falklands War. I was trapped in a smoke-filled compartment, choking on the effects of serious smoke inhalation. I had just escaped from the ship's Operations Room and was shocked and dazed from the aftermath of being sat directly above the detonation of a 1,000lb bomb!

Along with HMS Broadsword we were patrolling the north of Pebble Island. We had been targeted all day by the Argentinean Air Force, eventually succumbing to what was the last air raid of the day. Three 1,000lb bombs hit us. All detonated, wreaking havoc throughout the ship causing her to capsize within approximately 25 minutes.

Sadly, 19 of my shipmates were not as lucky and perished.

However, life goes on. Since that moment I've been living my life on borrowed time and have done my best to be positive in everything I do and respect those I work with.

I've worked with some undesirables, negative folk who have little or no respect or regard for other people. These people could do with such an experience to mellow them, treat work with a little more humour and avoid viewing the world through blinkers.

If you've never lived through an experience like this then it is probably quite hard to understand the sudden change in outlook on life and the ability to view things in a lighter vein. To view the world in a different light, have a sense of humour and have a chuckle along the way.

You can still do this and be professional.

My work and approach has allowed me to behave in such a way and sew the seed for others to follow suit.

I firmly believe and have often demonstrated that projects get delivered successfully due to a high standard of communication, when an atmosphere of genuine teamwork prevails and with a sense of fun and real humour.

There is obviously a time and a place for humour and light-heartedness. Work should not be taken too seriously, however it's what pays the bills and brings home the harvest.

An open and honest environment is infectious; it just needs somebody to break the ice.
Issues and challenges get dealt with collectively without individuals trying to score cheap points.

BEWARE - I will inject humour, enthusiasm, a positive "can and will do" attitude, belief, direction and professionalism! At the same time I will be working to extremely high standards, with a unique and special approach. Your project will be delivered to the highest possible standard supported by professional and thorough documentation for future reference.

More often than not the format and content of my documentation is adopted by my clients and used as a standard afterwards. One exceptionally large UK Telecomms organisation and a number of high street banks are amongst clients that have done this! I must be something right somewhere along the line.

My main objective is to make sure the job gets done properly and that your project is delivered successfully. Failure is not an option. My clients always get what they want and want what they get.

As a project manager I believe you should always leave the project in a healthy state and happy in the knowledge that you would work with the same team again and just as importantly that they would work with you again - it can be a very small world!

By now you should have built a pretty clear picture of the way I work and the benefits it will bring with us working together. Click here to go to the next step and find out how you get the ball rolling and benefit immediately from my unique and refreshingly different professional approach.

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