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“Barry quickly got our high profile multi-million pound project on track. His wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering IT projects was vital to our success. Barry demonstrated a strong combination of general project management skills and control over the project. His excellent communication and inter-personal skills ensured we delivered ahead of schedule with the bonus of a delighted customer."

Lloyd Roberts
Programme Manager
Leading UK Telecomms Company

Do any of these problems sound familiar to you?

• Continually fire-fighting IT problems
• Constantly tackling issues that should have been avoided
• Victim of spiralling costs due to re-work
• Spend most of your time "damping down" and
de-fusing unnecessary escalations
• Battling against a high turnover of staff with
inexperienced staff running your project

These days if you're responsible for delivering an IT project you're probably feeling the pain from the headaches, challenges frustrations and issues that come with the territory.

In today's modern, highly competitive, commercial and hi-tech world, you are probably facing more and more challenges as you deliver your IT projects. The bad news is that it doesn't look to be getting any better in the foreseeable future either.

The chances are you're experiencing major upheaval in a number of ways. Unable to focus on the work you enjoy most and generating the much needed profit for your company. You're constantly fire fighting, tackling issues that could have been avoided.

You find yourself treading water, struggling to make any significant progress with one step forward and two steps backward.

You're wrestling with spiralling costs - often due to expensive re-work. This work probably should have been done properly first time around. No doubt you're being distracted from other responsibilities, dealing with countless frustrating issues that could have been easily avoided.

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Virtually every IT project failure is NOT attributed to a technological shortcoming, but to the 'human factor'. The underlying cause is human error, in particular the 'project manager'.

In 1995 The Standish Group conducted a survey named The Chaos Report. Research showed over 31% of IT projects were cancelled before they were completed. 52% cost over 189% of their original estimates.

7 out of 10 IT projects fail one or more criteria – that's 70%!

In larger companies only 9% of their projects come in on time and on budget.

The OASIG Study, also in 1995, identified the main reasons for IT project failure was the lack of attention to the human and organisational aspects of IT and poor project management.

The Bull survey in 1998 reported that 57% of IT projects failed due to a breakdown in communications.

More recently, the KPMG report published in November 2002, established that the main cause for IT projects to fail that year was down to poor project management and poor communication.

There is a secret thread that runs through virtually every reason causing an IT project to fail. The list of reasons is virtually limitless. More often than not they can be attributed to one of the following – lack of user involvement, unrealistic time scales, poor or no requirements, no change control system and poor testing. However, there is a vital and key ingredient to every successful project, a common thread that runs through all of these – COMMUNICATION and the project manager!

The key to success lies with the strengths and weaknesses of your project manager. The individual's suitability for the role, his or her management style, training, experience and knowledge. Above all else, as a project manager their inter-personal and communication skills are absolutely vital to the success of your project.

What You Need To Do.

To successfully deliver an IT project you need a practical and workable methodology and a project manager with the necessary experience and knowledge, AND most important of all he or she must have excellent communication and inter-personal skills!

You simply cannot rely on that special breed of individuals that just ‘talk a good game’. When it comes to the crunch they fail miserably to deliver anything of value for you.

Invest in the consultancy services of an expert, a specialist who can improve your whole communication process throughout your IT project. Whatever the cost of the consultancy, it must be viewed as an investment, not just as an expense. It will easily provide savings of hundreds of thousands, even millions of pounds.

Why Me?

It's not just a coincidence that my clients have seen their IT projects delivered successfully by investing in my project consultancy services.

With us working together you will benefit from my unique blend of technical and managerial experience and knowledge gained from over thirty years and three successful careers in the Royal Navy, Retail Management and IT.

I offer an initial free consultation. We get to know each other better, explore the possibilities of working together and then decide whether it is worthwhile moving on to the next stage. This can be done over the phone or maybe a formal or informal meeting – the choice is yours.

Typically the Return on Investment for my services has been between 500% and 1000%. You will also benefit long-term from my genuine desire to help others and to pass this knowledge on.

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